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ISO Announces a new Web Site
US Congressional Email.Providing the online community a voice with our government representatives in Washington is of utmost importance in today's electronic age.Tired of searching for congressional email addresses, individual senators and congressmen, congressional committees and subcommittees.They are all here at, US Congressional Email.
Saturday, February 6, 1999.

Owning the Weather in 2025
Weather as a Force Multiplier.In 2025 US aerospace forces can "own the weather" by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to warfighting applications.Such a capability offers the warfighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible.It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures.
Tuesday, January 26, 1999.

New ISO Page Feature - 'Previous Page'
A unique feature has been added to the site: A 'Previous Page' button which is functionally identical to a browsers 'Back Button.' Many times I have wanted to back up one or two pages only to be blocked from doing so (browser glitch?) Well no more while browsing In Search Of! If you need to back up just use the new 'Previous Button' (at the bottom of every page.)
Monday, January 25, 1999.

Map any US Location
Map any US Location.If you would like to see a detailed map of where you live, or any other US location, simply enter the street address, city, state and zip code.This utility is used throughout the In Search Of web site.
Saturday, January 23, 1999.

New ISO Mail Archives
We are please to announce the addition of four new archive mail systems.These new mail archives became active today.The original mail archive system will be retained due to its historical signifigance.These new archive systems include:
1.ISO Mail Archive
2.ISO Digest Archive
3.ISO News Archive
4.ISO Science Archive
Saturday, January 23, 1999.

What is the Status of the Planet Pluto?
Is Pluto something other than a planet?.Well, probably not.But the possibility does exist.And the possibility has been discussed for decades.We do know that Pluto is not a major planet because it is simply too small to be a major planet.It is a planet of some sort, and many planetary scientists in recent years speak of Pluto as a "planetesimal" -- and no longer as a "major planet" -- in the astronomical literature.
Wednesday, January 20, 1999.

New ISO FTP site
ISO FTP Site.In Search Of is proud to announce its new FTP site.We will be able to provide detailed information in text form via this location.At this time all of the Gulf Link files are available.If anyone wishes to provide me data it can now be done through our FTP location.There is a folder named "incoming" for that purpose.
Monday, January 18, 1999.

ISO Simple Web Site Search Engine
Our new Simple Search Engine performs simple searches of our entire site.
Sunday, January 17,1999.

ISO Now On a Dedicated Server
As of 8PM PST, Wednesday, January 13, 1999, In Search Of brought up a new internet web server.Our server runs Apache's Red Hat secure web server software.This new server can easily handle all of our daily traffic, mail systems including Contacting Congress, and messaging systems.There are several minor issues still being resolved however the changeover occurred without any significant downtime.
Thursday, January 14,1999.

Web Servers by In Search Of
In Search Of's Basic Web Hosting Services include everything you need to establish your personal or business related web site.All our web accounts offer 5MB storage giving you the space you need to create a world-class web site at an affordable price.We also offer free add-on options such as Server Side Includes, Miva, CGI-BIN, Microsoft�FrontPage�, Automated Mail form capabilities, and more.
Monday, January 11, 1999.

Religáre Religious Section
Religáre is latin.Religió was strongly influenced by the verb religare to bind, in the same sense "place an obligation on." The root word for this thought and usage is based upon religion.And it is sub categorized under "experience religion." Religáre is a verb that means to bind or place an obligation on all of God's children.This is a wonderful section worth viewing.
Tuesday, January 5, 1999.

ISO Digest Mail
The ISO Digest list creates a mailing once a day.This digest includes all posts that were sent by the ISO mail group subscribers.This is a very convienant way for users to keep abreast of ISO while receiving very limited mailings.This continues to be a very popular subscription list read by thousands daily.

Science Column
In 1999 we will discuss Science and the 21st Century, string theory and the creation of the equation of everything (unified field theory.).We will ponder the evolution of technology and determine where and when changes should occur.We will explore the possibilty of time travel and the limitations of quantum mechanics.

ISO News
Dan Woolman and In Search Of are pleased to provide you with our In Search Of Site and Science news.In order to insure that you are aware of any changes in the science or this site we recommend that you become a member.We will provide you with current information of scientific interest as well as changes and updates to the site.


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